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mainly a classification for a large group of normies who look and act based off of the "popular opinion" of either social media or people then they know because they don't have actual friends they are very judgemental towards people who can think for them selves because they can't do the same due to being brainwashed by society
i was walking down the street with my buddy and i happen to notice 3 young women walking in the opposite direction all three of them are white and all of them have what looks like the same 5 foot 2 100 lb build and all 3 of them have their hair dyed black and they see me and my buddies and they comment on my hair being long and say i look gay so i go up to them with my 6 foot tall jacked body and snap their necks one at a time with my gorilla grip forearms, walk away while saying fuck herd culture, fuck normies
by superiorbreed July 07, 2018
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