"This bar is full of helmets."
by JENNI-POO April 14, 2005
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as a verb: to love and appreciate someone or something even though AND because it is "not quite right".
My son called the bully at school an "underdeveloped plesiosaur" which of course got him socked in the jaw. I helmet that kid.
by crankyramone October 06, 2006
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um.. not that your sister knows what a condom is :)
ENTER: Little Timmy and Francesca.
Little Timmy: "Wanna ride my bicycle?"
Fracesca: "Sure, I think I need a helmet though..."
Little Timmy: "WHAT THE FUCK!"


Enter Little Timmy and Mom.
Little Timmy: "mom, I need a helmet."
Mom: "Oh, you can just borrow your fathers. Might be a little big..."
by Danielle June 10, 2004
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"helmet" is a phrase used when visually appreciating a perticualry beautifull woman,normally of and all round great appearance.
"cor blimey look at the helmet over there,john me old mucker!"
by Trickygeezer August 06, 2006
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The name Hannah Baker in the original Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" gives Clay Jenson
"Clay. helmet... your name does not belong on this list.
by catnoelle April 22, 2017
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