Short form of "A hell of a lot of"
A word that people like to argue about because they have nothing else to do with their time.
Arguing about the origins of a word is hella gay.
by Zenia February 10, 2004
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A Northern California slang word for "very", "really", "alot"
"thats hella good"

"i hella want that hello kitty necklace"
by FUNDYN September 29, 2009
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1. Emphasizes the meaning, seriousness, or quality of a word.
2. Used to agree or disagree with an opinion
3. Shows gravity in situations, as well as it can be used in measurement

- Used very frequently in northern California and Las Vegas
1. 'That movie was hella gay'
'Thats hella bomb chronic'
'Its hella cloudy today'

2. Joe: "These shoes look awful"
Dan: "Hella."

3. 'I got hella ripped off fool'
'I got hella money this payckeck'
'I fried hella bad last week, I'll never do mushrooms again'

by MackDeezNuts December 24, 2006
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A math/noise/experimental rock band from Nevada City, CA.
Instrumental and totally awesome.
1-800-Ghost Dance is a hella fun song to dance to via Hella, the band.
by harnessyrhopes March 22, 2009
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Modifier, meaning either "very much" or "a large number of." A Bay Area (specifically East Bay) regionalism that dates from the mid-1970s, if not earlier, later popularized by the No Doubt song "Hella Good."
"I met this girl and she was hella fine and I tried to talk to her, but I'd drunk hella beers and was hella wasted." -- Actual quote spoken by East Bay high school student.
by Raider Nation O.G. April 20, 2006
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