A word indigenous to the people of the San Francisco Bay Area, meaning "very," "a lot," "so," "totally," etc.
If you are not from the bay and you say hella, you sound like a dumbass. Seriously, you do. Don't try and say it to act like you're cool, cause you're not. We all know you're jealous that you're not from the bay, but that's okay. Just move here and live here for a few years and taste the magic, and you'll be set :)
There are hella ghetto-ass people at all these schools in Oakland!

I got a hella bad sunburn when I went to SoCal; I'm never going there ever again, and you shouldn't either, because NorCal is WAY better anyways!

Dude, you hella just got dissed by your own teacher.

I hella did that shit, man!
by coloredsharpie December 08, 2010
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used to emphasize an adjective; originated from No Doubt's song "Hella Good".
These textbooks are hella expensive.
by Danielle bka Danny September 01, 2005
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originally another form of hell, but also means very. It makes any adjective very powerful.
"That was hella cool."
by Fatass February 13, 2003
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Derived from the word hellacious. It's a shortened form.

Used as an adjective most often. Can be used instead of remarkable, astonishing, formidably difficult, Distasteful and repellant, or extraordinary.

1) It was hella difficult getting here during the blizzard.
2) We had a hellacious time getting here in the blizzard.
by Alaskangal123 November 12, 2006
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a term used in Northern California or on the East Coast. also known as hecka
that was hella cool!
by kat December 16, 2003
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A slang term originating in San Francisco. The word slowly derived form "A Hell Of A" it means, a lot, very, and really.
Josh: Wow look at that lady! She is has hella cats!!!
Sue: She is covered in them!
Katie: I have to go to sleep I'm hella tired.
by Hella415 December 13, 2011
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sumthing big really really bad or good
that movie wuz hella funny
that bitch gave me hella dome
by vikkie June 03, 2005
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