The real name for the country of Greece.
Mean, stone of Sun.
Hellas is country, Hellins the residents.
by iMarios January 02, 2007
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The farmers from Northern California who settled here a long time ago (probably before the 1950's) were patient and slow people and took everything with ease. When they communicated to explain "VERY" they would say "hell of a" instead of "very" or "a lot". Then the city folks who migrated in later to the Bay Area took the Northern California farmers saying and shortened it to "Hella" instead of "Hell of a."
So in the end the word "hella" comes from the Bay Area city folks. Short and sweet.
She/he was hella sweet.
It was hella cool.
The ride was hella fresh.

by Bay area gurl January 27, 2009
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"Hella" is an all-purpose word. It has its roots deep in the soul (I meant to type soil, but soul works here too, haha) of Northern California. It means something along the lines of "very" or "really," but it's much more than that. It's not just a word, but a statement of cultural identification, of a long-standing bond of trust and respect for fellow Northern Californians, and of a mutual understanding between you and the rest of the world that you are from (or, in the case of anyone who has lived with kids from NorCal, that you are an honorary resident) NorCal. As the subtle innuendoes of the word can only be understood by absorption, one must experience and be engulfed by it (as Northern Californians are from birth) to truly understand when its usage is appropriate. Hella is a word. It's a symbol. It's a way of life. Hella.

This is hella whack.
I just ate hella brownies.
I'm hella going to the library this weekend.

I'm going hella to the library
by NorCal, May 21, 2008
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An intensifier, with a grammatical function and usage similar to "very" or "really".

It's a contraction of "hell of", and may have originated in Alameda County, California. It was definitely in common use in Berkeley public schools as far back as 1979.
"That party was hella rad." (ca. 1981)
by Chris December 23, 2004
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My own extensive research has found that the term 'hella' or 'hellof' did not originate in San Francisco, but rather Oakland, as the first anyone remembers hearing it was Oaklnd in 1976, then later. in the early 80s in San Francisco.
I tripped on my shoe laces hella times today.
by steve September 24, 2004
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Term used to indicate personal superiority. When spoken in conversation, the receiving party immediatley knows that the person saying the word is of a high class because of that person's NorCal roots.
Thusly, if the receiver is not of the same geography and stature, negative emotions arise from envy. A primary example is that of the frustrated SoCal dweller who is frequently subjected to the mighty and humbling presence of NorCalers.
Alternatively, Hella can alert other prestigious NorCalers that they are dealing with a higher species much like themselves.
NorCaler: "That was Hella cool!"
SoCaler: "Huh? Wha? Hella? That sounds dumb."
NorCaler: "No sir. You sir are Hella dumb. Good day."
SoCaler: "Oh yah. You're...dumbererer. Keanu rules!!"
by Saltydog August 19, 2004
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You just use it cause it's a term that you grew up in the neighborhood saying. It's like being from Pennsylvania and saying "youse" instead of "you". Hella originated in the bay area like hella years ago. It was just something that grew on you and you still use it today cause you never grew out of it. Some guy from Vegas tried to tell me hella started in Vegas and I was like "Fuck that. Dude you gotta be fucking retarded, hell no."
You're hella dumb.
Bammer is hella nasty.
I'm hella tired tonight.
That shit was hella hard.
by youpeoplearefuckingstupid June 13, 2004
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