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A fusion of socal and norcal lingo most often used to describe objects of particular disdain. The phrase's origins can be traced to the University of California, Berkeley campus where students of the chemical engineering discipline employed the phrase to commiserate about their sad, sad lives.
Scottkoss: Guys!! I had the worst dream last night!
Terrykoss: what happened?
Scottkoss: It was awful! I dreamt I went to college only to have 8am class every day with long ass problem sets that kept me from having any sort of social life!
Gregkoss: dude that's hella jenky

Terrykoss: the average on our midterm was 20/100 with a standard deviation of 25.
Gregkoss: wait... what?
Scottkoss: that's hella jenky broski
by Jabronator March 01, 2010
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