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verb. To hedge dive. To run at, and jump through, over, along or onto a hedge or bush. This may then be combined with other crazy stunts eg jumping off wroxham bridge and catapulting "tic tacs" at each other and filmed. this "film" may then be watched back at parties and social gatherings in order to provoke laughter and show just how manly the participants as it is quite dangerous and has caused savere injuries.
Me: Hey you guys, it's four o'clock in the morning and we have nothing to do. Lets go hedge diving and film it.

15 mins later

Darren: Hey guys i think i've broken my ankle, no joke.
Me: God my head hurts.
by Yarham January 04, 2005
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jumping or diving into a hedge usually when intoxicated and all messed up
started in portadown in 2004 by robert reid neil bicker andrew chambers and a few others it has quickly grown ito a major weekend sport on a night out and in portadwon college it is certainly seen as legendary status
i went hedgediving on saturday while messy it is nice
by Chambers69 October 04, 2006
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