The most advanced sandwich ever created. Each contains enough calories to sustain a small nation for a decade. Found at the Truckstop in Mount Morris PA.
Jimmy "The Dream" Rhodes once destroyed 4 Heavy Haulers in one fell swoop.
by The Number 1 Contender April 14, 2010
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- too much PDA

A PDA-heavy couple shows a bit too much PDA (Public Display of Affection), and even enjoys people's attention on them.

- The word PDA stands for Public Display of Affection, which describes couples or friends who display much affection in public.
Lindsay and her new girlfriend have earned the title of America's most PDA-heavy celebrity couple.
by Yoo-shin Kim, Logan Kim August 06, 2008
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1. A farty pussy fart.
2. A farty pussy fart in which a baby pops out.
Paul: , and that is just what this game is; an embarrassing farty pussy fart.
Nick: Actually in the medical field they call that a 'Heavy Nova'.
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A police officer who believes wearing a uniform with a badge makes him king of the universe. An arrogant police officer.
The episode of South Park where Cartman is deputized as a South Park Police Officer. Cartman becomes very badge-heavy when wielding his new "authoritah."
by Duncan R. June 20, 2005
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D2O, 2 Deuterium, and 1 Oxygen atom. Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen; it has one extra neutron in the nucleus. Neutrons are what add weight to an atom; this substance is called "Heavy Water" as compared to normal "Light Water." Heavy water exists is most all water, but only in very small amounts (1 in 20 million).

Heavy water is essential to nuclear power using non-enriched uranium. Without it, all uranium must be enriched before use. In WW-II, Hitler attacked Norway for it’s supply of heavy water.
"Heavy water aids in cooling nuclear reactors.
by Contraceptive SpongeBob March 16, 2006
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An award winning hard rock/ metal band from New England that consists of three members Aidan Joyce (bass and vocals) Damien Sargent (drums) Nolan Harold (guitar)
Heavy Intentions is the best rock band in the world.
by Metalguy169 July 24, 2019
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