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Heath Hussar is the name of a man with a smile that can lighten up a room, knows how to make anyone laugh, and is the perfect man.
by Marissa420 April 21, 2017
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a fully grown man with a youtube channel ft, cigarette hanging out of his mouth
bro you rock!
I know I'm pulling a heath hussar and "I cant make this up" "send it!"
by chloe m8 April 23, 2018
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a yeehaw crackhead who's a broke bitch bc he don't really do much but we still luv him anyway <3

profession: viner (rip) / youtuber / david's vlog™️ cast member

most known for:

- being half of the iconic zane & heath duo
- his cigarette addiction
- drinking his own piss for a vlog bit
- being such a dad
- his overall yeehawness
(convo about zane hijazi and heath hussar)

"I miss coffee talk with zane and heath....."
"so do I, but it hasn't been the same since big red's been gone"
"omfg I miss big red sm...ugh"
"rip vine, big red, and coffee talk; thou will be missed"
by lil coffee bean August 08, 2018
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