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An extremely fun and short-lived game we used to play in primary school.
1. 2-4 kids are picked from a crowd of, say, schoolkids, in a classroom, who then goto the front of the room.
2. The rest of the kids in the room place their heads on the table so they can't see, but put their thumbs pointing upwards.
3. The kids at the front then proceed around the room and pick out one individual of the people with their thumbs up, and brush their thumbs. (One person not playing the game, usually the teacher, moniters the progress of the walkers and should take a mental note of who was picked.) The person whos thumbs have been brushed pull their thumbs itno their fists so they cant be chosen again. When the walkers have each done this to one person each, they return to the front of the room.
4. The kids sit back up and the ones who had their thumbs brushed stand up (if the number of people standing up exceeds the number of walkers then the game must be restarted, coz somebody's not playing fair) and then have one guess each at who did the thumb brushing. if they guess corectly they become a walker and the walker sits back down, and the whole game starts up again. Pretty cool huh?

1. make a tiny hole out the sit of your arm to try and see through
2. try to set yourself up in a position in which you can see the floor and therefore the shoes of the person who brushes your thumb. compare shoes when guessing.
3. try to make a note of the gentleness or verocity in which your thumb was brushed. If it was a gentle brush and there are two people to choose from, the guy that steals your lunch money and a girl who wouldnt touch a brick for fear of hurting it, then a good guess would assume the girl was, perhaps, the one that brushed you. Be aware that even 7 year old baby bullies can be very sneaky.
4. when your thumb is brushed quickly whip up your head for a look and back down again, and hope no-one sees.
teacher: ok children, theres 3 minutes left of school before the bell. Lets have a quick game of heads down thumbs up!!
children: (cheering, like at a footy match when the home team is up 56 points 20 minutes from the end of the game)
by AndyD July 25, 2006
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1. Game played in the classroom.

2. Describes the posture of people sending SMS's, tweets, emails, facebook status, ebay, blogs etc.

3. A good way to miss your turn-off, walk into someone or have a crash
John: Hey Lisa, check out Jeff...
Lisa: Yeah, he's breaking up with Kate...he's been heads down thumbs up all day

John: Hey Lisa, what's with the heads down thumbs up?
Lisa: oh, I'm tweeting how lame my friends are...
by spizzy_21 October 09, 2010
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