Dumb Girl 1: "like, omg, it's hawthorne heights!"

Dumb Girl 2: "I want to give that whole band blowjobs for free!

Me: OMG listen to some good music PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD!
by mark101 June 11, 2008
Hawthorn heights is EMO screamo punk band,vocals by JT woodruff(dont know about screaming). Clearly steriotyped from emo, by the song "ohio is for lovers"{i cant make it on my ownx2, because my heart is in ohio, cut my wrist and black my eyes(repeat with screaming), so i can fall asleep tonight, or die}other songs are not emo like (niki fm).
Good to hate and good to like, i guess, just depends on what music u listen to..
Oh my god are you going to buy the new Hawthorne heights cd thats comming out next week?!?!?/1!1?!/1/?1
by Myspace|is|for|emos November 22, 2005
Simply the BEST band in the world.. dont listen to the bs about them being bad..
i love hawthorne heights
by John R. Patterson PhD March 10, 2006
A band that is cool.
Download (err...buy?):
- ohio is for lovers
- screenwriting an apology
"Let's blast some hawthorne heights!"
by i dont know. November 14, 2004
Alright, so I listen to the whole "emo" craze, poor me. Now, it seems to be a general opinion that kids like me listen to Hawthorne Heights. Please, God, no. I have given them a chance, I really have, but they just generally suck. Now, I understand that they do have quite a large fan base. Though, I will point out that most of this fan base consists of scenesters who don't really have a taste in music. Anyways, back on topic. I recently saw them live on Black Clouds and Underdogs, and well, this is me, spent the whole set mocking them. Some kids out there can listen to emo and actually have respect for music. It's that very same respect that causes my dislike to Hawthorne Heights. They're more or less ruining music.
Wow, I come off as a complete bitch. Maybe it's because I'm telling you the truth about oMg!11!11~~da best emo band EVARR!!!!!111~~!11
Or not. Hopefully some of you can spell.
Hawthorne Heights were so lame last night. Almost made me want to cut myself.
by Parka April 17, 2006
A shitty Emo/Screemo band from Ohio. One of the worst bands i've ever heard. Seriously, I would rather listen to the sound of a dying goat mixed with an endless loop of a George bush's State of the union speach than this shitty band.
I didn't have any toilet paper so i wiped my ass with a brand new hawthorne heights cd.
by gtfuytu August 28, 2005