one who hates,instigates,and agitates with hopes to see a playa fall....but 4 every thousand haters there's a real nigga
"That nigga told my lady i was cheatin....but fuck him he'z just a Hater...."
by LiL hYfee April 02, 2006
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A person who searches somebody on YouTube / MySpace / FaceBook / Urbandictionary ... for the sole purpose of slamming on them . Like , seriously , get a life . A LOT of people slam on Justin Bieber (for example) , George Bush the band BoTdF - ( Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Vonn Monroe ) The people who "hate" on the the celebrities are usually just jealous , and have no real reason not to like that specific person . A common one is "Justin Bieber sings like a girl... he's such a faggot." Like , fuck guys ... thats not even a valid reason to say that he would be a homosexual ... (Click on the tags to see some PRIME examples of haters)
Scene Girl 1: OMG! Did you hear Blood On The Dance Floors new sinqle .?! Its so fqkn amazinqq !

Scene Girl 2: Oh Em Geee - Hellz Yeah !!! I luhhf BoTdF . They make my Lifee !

Hater who overheard: Blood on the dancefloor are faggots because girls like them, and they sing about having sex with girls, so they are OBVIOUSLY gay... stupid scenies.

Me: Go to hell, you stupid fucking hater - listen to what you just said... suck a dick .
by I<3DahvieVanity February 14, 2011
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People that just hate on other people for no reason just to make themselves feel good and to make that person feel miserable when that person was trying to be nice and also when people are just stating their opinion in a non-mean way but people just take it the wrong way and start hating on you.
Just ignore the haters! Haters gonn hate

Stfu you hater
by UrbanSky September 15, 2016
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Theres two type of haters in this world, mature haters and immature haters. Mature haters, they are the people who hate an individual IF the individual did something unacceptable or morally wrong, such as corruption, pickpocketing, murder etc. Immature haters, they are the people who hate an Individual due to the individual success or difference, immature haters creates fake story or scenarios to convince a person to hate the individual and thus hopefully to defame the individual. Immature haters can be known as losers of the world, because instead using their valuable time to do good for themselves they spend time hating the individual for one or two samll reason. To prevent yourself to become an immature haters, get a job, do workouts, go out with friends, yoga, etc.
Mature haters: I hate the man who robbed the old lady.

Immature haters: U suck your jokes arent even funny so shut up and die noooooooooooooooooooow i know a guy who is waaaaay funnier than you so shut up and if you keep posting your videos in youtube ill ban you you just love munny your singing sucks i own youtube facebook twitter and blah blah blah blah
by observe January 09, 2014
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somebody who "hates" on others, usually because said "hater" is a jealous fool; Margaret Derdeyn.
Margaret Derdeyn is such a hater- she is just jealous of my many talents!
by truth-sayer October 09, 2014
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