n. "someone who dislikes something for wack reasons or with out a reason and has to make their opinion heard." it shouldnt be suprising that this word is used so often. it describes most people of the world today. too bad most of the time its used by hypocrites.
BoB - "what a fag... tryin to rock them green kicks."
JoE - "dude yous a hater. why u hatin on him? dont be mad cuz u cant rock those dope shoes. u know they fresh. why cant u just be happy for him?"
by JoE November 12, 2004
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A person who is so consumed with making everyone feel inferior or awful. A person who takes delight in hurting people to build one's ego.
Deep inside I know I am a phony and I don't know how to be truthful with others so I will make them feel bad for having what I lack. I am a hater who really hates myself and the poor choices I have made, but I can never admit that because that will make me look weak. And in my game of life that would mean I failed. It is a sad existence.
by lightbright82 October 03, 2009
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hater - hay'-ter noun

1. n. one who is bothered or made to feel a strong sense of envy by the success, happiness, prosperity, or good-fortune of others

2. n. one who aims to defame, slander, or obstruct the dopeness or enjoyment of others (often characterized as the ‘sucka’ in a given situation or scenario)

3. n. person with an eagerness to find fault in the prestige or pleasure experienced by others
Once I came up, I saw who my real hater(s) were.
by MissBeaMines October 28, 2011
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Someone who hates EVERYTHING without even knowing sometimes what the hell it is. Most of these things include music, sports, and labels. Most of these people, often have not relized that hate brings nothing but pain.

Hate dosn't give anything, just illusional self-confidence to the hater. It breaks down our society to mindlessly hating something without an opinion of there own because everyone else hates it. It's stupid and should not be done. If you DISLIKE something, that is different, Because that is an opinion, but if you dislike something without knowing shit about it, then your a HATER!
In my life, I've had a Hater hate on Insane Clown Posse, without knowing it was a music group, NBA, without knowing it was a basketball, and goths, thinking that they dress scary to scare people.
by Spikesy July 08, 2006
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1. One who suffers from a mental illness wherein he/she is frequently compelled to offer destructive criticism to/of others, as a consequence of one or more personal insecurities.

(Note: Contrary to popular belief, the insecurity prompting a type 1 hater is not necessarily 'jealousy', as the other often has nothing that the hater covets. Instead, the hater is prompted by conscious or unconscious, real or imagined perception of some deficiency within the self and/or life. The cause is mental imperfection of the subject/hater, little to do with the object/hated.)

2. One who assesses another with the conscious intent of degradation, such that the assessment is unfair, inaccurate and/or uncalled for.

(Note: Unlike the type 1 hater above, the type 2 hater is aware that their judgments are negatively skewed. Such a hater will make a conscious decision to be untruthful in order to degrade another. The motivation behind instances of a type 2 hater varies on a case by case basis. Note also that this is not a compulsive state of being like the type 1 hater, so someone may be a type 2 hater only in a given circumstance.)

3. One who takes pleasure in the act of criticizing another. Synonyms: a**hole, d**k, b***h

(Note: The nature of and reason for the criticism -- e.g. accurate, requested, constructive, etc. -- is irrelevant for the type 3 hater. The distinguishing factor is that the mere act of other-directed criticism suffices for positive valence (e.g. enjoyment).)
Hater: Oh, is that your new boo? *scowl*
Other: Yea, I love her.
Hater: She's aight but she can't dress. I could never date a girl who would walk out the house lookin like that. That's why I don't mess with any of these broads around here.
Other: Fuckin hater.
by KSharpIAm May 25, 2012
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The people that make fun of things that other people do/wear. just because they know that they dont have the balls to do what they do/wear. most emo/scene kids these days have a lot of haters hatin. even though emo/scene kids get 10x more girls than anyone else.
fat kid: look at that faggot with skinny jeans and the tiny girl-fit t shirt.

skinny kid: fuckin haters... -_-"

*fat kid looks down at his XXXL white tee and 40 - 45 jeans.
by xxTHiSiSFOREVERxx July 08, 2010
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