A person whose jealousy of another person success or achievements makes them verbally nit-pick any flaws no matter how small or just make up flaws in order to somehow try and belittle the successful person.

The term is more often than not used improperly to title a person who simply does not like something or someone because it’s not what they are into.
Hater: there’s no way John could score a chick that hot, he’s gotta be paying her
Dude: man, why do you have to be a straight up hater?
by Mr Wall July 23, 2006
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a speck of dust, sugar or tobacco in a glasspipe full of chrystal meth. It fucks up the whole batch.
Oh no, i have to toss out the whole load because there's a hater stuck on the side of the pipe.
by Clean for years now February 10, 2009
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A person who pretends to act happy for your successes than trash talks you behind your back. Someone who most likely dosen't have shit to work with and has to hate on people who move up in the world. This term could be used to describe anyone who hates on another person for 'good reasons. They will turn your good qualities around and make it look like something bad because they just arent happy with themselves and can't achieve anywhere near what you have.
Man, that Vitale is such a hater. He needs to stop drinkin that haterade and move on up in the world.
by kcnn December 30, 2007
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A label applied to people who are more negative than positive when discussing another person. It most commonly refers to individuals whose negativity is so extreme that it is all-consuming. However, there are various levels and forms of being a hater, ranging from completely dismissing any positive traits or actions, to merely painting a less than flattering picture by using words with negative connotations. Hating is often attributed to jealousy, but just as often, it seems to stem from some other source.
Person A: Ben Gordon is one of the best clutch scorers in the league!
Person B: Gordon is an impressive scorer, but he's still a role player.
by Chuck Swirsky March 31, 2005
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A word that stupid people use to help you spot them quickly. It can also be spelled "h8r".
Me: I don't think you've thought your views through very well. Was that even English?

Stupid Person: YoU'rE sUch a h8R! Don't bE hatIn.
by Chem December 09, 2003
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An overused word used by someone to describe another person that expresses a different opinion other than that of their own. This term is generally used by someone who can not intellectually respond to someone having a different opinion than that of their own and is thrown out as a last ditch effort to discredit the persons argument.
PERSON 1: You mean didn't vote for Barack Obama?!

PERSON 2: No, I did not. In my opinion, I believe his politics are little too far left for me to feel comfortable voting for him. I'm sure he's a decent enough guy personally, but can't see him as my President.

PERSON 1: You're just a hater.
by CB TreCinquenta February 01, 2010
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