A Haitian proverb that translates roughly into:

You look like a duck.
Avi: Humdelee Fase Hase Humbai

Trevon: I know :(
by Avi (AlmightySev) September 29, 2009
Fundamentally, a "Hase" acts in accordance with their personal ex- and implicit understanding of the most moral path to take at every given situation.
A: You know, the last months I have radically stopped saying things I know to be false, and in addition I've extended this decision to my personal embodiment of my perceived truth in the form of my actions.
B: And you're quite eloquent as well...you're acting your inner "Hase" out well, bucko!
by Orderman June 14, 2018
a beom anti, hase thinks user beomgyu is a koreaboo but actually beomgyu is gay. s
by skaterbeomgyu September 15, 2021
Harassing all sluts evilly!
Hase it's who I am an what I do
by Daddy Hase October 23, 2022
super cool sexy swaggy person with big peen and 6’2” and lovely
Person: wow hasely ur so sexy and cool
by frogluvr6699 November 23, 2021