A one hell of a sixteen year old sexy beast that needs to get into my bed, right now. I'm not even kidding. Girls go wild for him, etc etc.
by I'mAwesomeEndOf January 01, 2011
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the most unproblematic angel walking on this earth.Makes amazing music.Is caring to his fans and is literally the best fuging celebrity so ya
Friend:So what do you think about the new boy in school?he seems sweet Me:he is so Harry styles!!!
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by Your_typical_pisces April 21, 2020
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The hottest, most talented guy in the world. 18 years old, youngest member of British/Irish boyband One Direction. Birthday: February 1, 1994. Full name: Harold Edward Styles. Harry is a total flirt, and has caught the attention of many girls (Taylor Swift and Rihanna included.) He has a tendency to like older women, like 32 year old ex girlfriend Caroline Flack. Harry enjoys being naked. He talks sooo slow, and says "So basically" about ten times a minute. Curly hair, amazing smile. Dimples. Four nipples. Harry also has a tendency to tweet completey irrelevant things. Harry has a "bromance" with fellow band-member Louis Tomlinson. Harry lived in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire before auditioning for the Xfactor, where he was put together by Simon Cowell into the group that is now called One Direction. Harry came up with the name One Direction, actually. He now lives in London with the rest of the boys. I am totally in love with Harry Styles.
Louis: Wil you marry me?
Harry: Simple, but effective.

Person1: Are you single?
Me: Yup, but you'd have to be Harry Styles to change that!!
by Harry's girl June 18, 2012
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The curly-haired one from One Direction. His floppy mop of hair makes teenage girls scream nationwide. He is definitely the best looking one. He has a grey OnePiece and is a very good freestyle dancer. Innit.
Woah! It's Harry Styles from One Direction! *screams*
by BAMitsharrystyles November 14, 2010
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A member of the band One Direction (who are no longer together). He was born in England and lived in Cheshire for the majority of his life. He’s currently a solo artist with the albums Harry Styles and Fine Line. He is well known for his fashion, music, and his advocacy for the LGBTQAI+ community.
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by iM qUirKy lmao April 08, 2020
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