Harry Styles is the most beautiful creature on earth. He likes to eat bananas en be a hoe on stage. He made the album "Harry Styles", and he is in the band One Direction. Sadly they're on a break right now but THEY WILL COME BACK, and luckily we still got pictures of Harry on tour. Harry is secretly in a relationship with Louis Tomlinson but you know fucking Modest!. You can also see Harry in the carpoolkaraoke with James Corden, and he freaking kissed him!!! (I'm gonna crie) Harry makes the most stupid jokes and I don't even know why I always remember them... Harry also wears alot of suits and supports the lgbt community. He likes to dance with rainbowflags, and he has a sticker with the rainbowflag on his guitar. Harry Styles is the most down to earth celeberty, and you REALLY SHOULD LOVE HIM BECAUSE HE DESERVES ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD.
"Harry Styles is my husband"~Louis Tomlinson
"Harry hahahaha Styles hahaha"~Niall Horan
by HazStylesMahKing July 16, 2018
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An amazing man who always tpwk :3

(also happy birthday my bean c: )
Person 1:listen to harry styles rn, it will change ur life
Person 2: ok

*a little while later*

Person 1: told u so ;)
by suggyfan123 February 01, 2021
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Harry Styles is an angel sent from above. He is the sweetest, hottest, cutest and most talented person on this planet. He can go from adorable cupcake to steaming hot in 2,5 seconds.
I love Harry Styles with all of my heart and soul.
by thisbitchempty May 05, 2018
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the hottest fucking person alive. someone you wouldn’t just let have a one night stand with. you’d beg him for more u til you explode.
jessica: harry styles is so hot ugh
sarah: right? i want him to fuck my watermelon sugar
louis: did you hear he has 8.8 inches hanging between his legs
all three: ughhh
by harryfuckbot January 04, 2021
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