Being kind for everyone no matter what and supporting LGBT community.
- Do you support LGBT?
- Yeah, I love everyone regardless of everything
- Oh, you're Harry Styles!!!!
by jagodzilla January 29, 2020
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Harry styles one of the hottest and most perfect men in the world proven by science itself.
Harry styles is my husband
Harry styles is perfect
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by sotrue300 January 18, 2021
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most precious human on earth, kindest, respectful and flippin hilarious ok thx bye
i luv harry styles

omg gurl me 2
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by Stinaballerinaflike March 30, 2019
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Harry styles.. where do I start, he's the most adorable, hottest, sweetest, most talented person on this earth , he's an amazing person. If someone asks me about him I'm gonna need to write a whole book. The respect I have for him is crazy. I love him and his music .
Who's harry styles?
The most amazing person I've ever met
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by Harrystyleisamazing June 05, 2020
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a man who saved my life. He is an angel of music and acting. i will love him to the end of time. I just wish i was able to meet him. :(
Harry Styles is a kind caring handsome cuddly guy. I love him so so much.
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by HarryStylesWifey(i wish) March 15, 2021
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