Very talented dancer, actor, and singer. He plays Mike Chang on Glee. Such a bright light on thee TV show! Gitta love hiim <3
Whose that talented guy?

Oh, thats another Harry Shum
by ilovegleee September 21, 2013
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With his talent, his personality, and his looks, Harry Shum jr. is a real life God.
by AlexandersStele November 01, 2018
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Well known for his roles as Mike Chang from Glee, and Magnus Bane, from ShadowHunters. Also known for his recent marriage to actor Shelby Rabara (2015), and for his amazing choreographic skill, Including; Dancing, Singing, Acting, and otherwise.
"Who's that guy who played Magnus Bane in ShadowHunters?" "Oh, That's Harry Shum Jr."
by ClinicallyObsessed May 04, 2017
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