A call used in derogatory fashion to make a fat girl's presence known so everyone around can enjoy laughing and staring.

Literally, it means "Fuck that fat chick!"
by cerealkiller182 November 1, 2005
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To have sex with a fat girl. Sometimes they are sweaty but always have blubber and a blow hole. Fat girls are just so grateful.
Jesus, did Nik harpoon the whale last night. She was so fat after he shot his bolt he had to roll over twice to get off her.
by The Strut October 12, 2004
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Fisting with an amputee's stump. See also The Caption Ahab.
He took the prosthetic of his stump and then began Harpooning the White Whale!
by Moby_Dicktator November 21, 2010
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When you pick up a fat chick at a bar.
Man, Dave was so drunk last night, I can't believe he harpooned a fail whale.
by The Onion Eaters September 20, 2010
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When a woman masturbates or when a man fingers a woman
Woman 1: I was harpooning the whale as hard as I could last night
Woman 2: I know I heard u
by ass in your face May 19, 2018
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to pick up a fat chick, oftentimes in the service of your mate getting with her attractive friend. See also grenade.
Jay had to harpoon the whale at the caravanning party so his mate Simon could pull the fit bird.
by HolyFlurkingSchnit November 20, 2015
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