A type of protective layer for your deck!
Jones: wassup bro my deck is hardening
Richard:whatcha using for it to harden then
Jones: Deck hardener! its so hard i can stab a knife into it now
Richard: dayummmmm son thats some hard deck
by Alpacamon9000 May 26, 2017
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When your dick hardens
this means it gets very hard
hi my dick harden is hurting my pubic hair
by dickharden2.4 February 2, 2018
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A Nba player that won mvp last season. He is know for his stepback shooting and his 60 point triple double. Probably one of the best shooters in the NBA. He also used to never play defense.
Guy 1: Hey did you see that triple double by James Harden.

Guy 2 :Yea It was sick
by Ok....... November 5, 2018
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Dontai: hey man, I just saw a picture with Lil Baby and James… James… uhhh.. the basketball player..
YourRage: James Harden?
Dontai: Harden this dick in yo mouth HAHAHAAH GOTTEM
by kinky kitten 69 gingers August 23, 2021
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When a girl is giving head with a mouth full of hot-sauce.
"Dude, she gave me a hardened flamer, it hurt like hell, but it was amazing.
by Apiwith March 14, 2017
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A drug dealer that used to sell marijuana, cocaine, or other recreational drugs and got older and now sells Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra to his erectionally challenged customers.
Dude my dope dealer turned into a Hardened Criminal on me and I can't get the chronic weed anymore!
by Turdpiper July 21, 2013
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