a japanese girl who lives in the teenage town of Japan, Harajuku and has wicked style.
The dancing asian girl in the white rabbit suit in the music video of Gwen Stefanis "What You Waiting For".
by Jesse Leonardo January 27, 2005
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Japanese culture , Super Kawaii, kitsch, fruits. And Gwen Stefani's sex slaves. (Yerrp oral sex for money is not considered prostitution in Japan, therefore legal.) Gwen Stefani-Closet Lesbian?
harajuku girls? *Points to every Gwen Stefani(bar No Doubt) music video ever made*
by Aoife¢¾ January 28, 2008
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Something that Gwen Stefani is referring to entirely too much nowadays. She is waaaay to hot to care about other girls.
I have heard 2 new songs and a commercial featuring Gwen Stefani and she has mentioned "Harajuku Girl" all 3 times
by Eli February 21, 2005
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