A massage that is normal up until the end, where the masseuse gives the person being massaged a handjob. See also: handjob, The Gabbie Show
Eric was surprised, yet very satisfied, with his happy-ending massage.
by Cringey May 9, 2016
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When the massuse gives the person being massaged a handjob
She got a happy-ending massage when that sexy male masseuse spread her legs and...
by Little cheeto August 4, 2018
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A massage that ends in sexual contact and orgasm.
Yesterday I went to got a message and it ended up being a happy ending massage that we both enjoyed sex blowjob handjob
by IDRGAFSYCSMD February 19, 2016
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When you go get a massage and the person who's giving you the message ends up fucking you.
A person who fucks you instead of giving you a massage also known as a happy ending massage.
by Jessica rodriguez March 18, 2016
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