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hao shuai- pronounced “hav shoe-why” is an exclamation used by table tennis/ping-pong enthusiasts, spectators and commentators alike.

Similar to fuck but not as versatile in usage but limited to table tennis situations and is typically associated with a feeling of admiration, surprise and/or shock. Sometimes table tennis enthusiasts also greet each other with "hao shuai" and "shuai hao" exchanges. Also,note that this word has no real relation to the CNT player Hao-Shuai who is infamous for missing easy lob shots.
Player A serves heavy underspin short serve with heavily tuned rubber, Player B anticipates the spin well and rips past a vicious backhand winner. Player A remarks– "hao shoui..."!!

German sensation and former world champ, Timo boll is playing the Danish kid and european champ, M Maze and are caught in a FH – FH rally, maze counters with a vicious side spin loop to Boll’s BH, Boll a lefty uses his non-dominant right hand to make the shot and gets a winner. Spectators and commentators ignite with joy and comment wow!, hao shuai!! hau shuai!!
by TTman April 29, 2010
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