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One of the most amazing women out there. Although she may be clumsy af, akward, stutter constantly, and be the complete opposite of a lady, she's beautiful, funny, sweet, and one of a kind.

She's the type of a girl you'd wanna chill out with and watch bad movies about zombie beavers.

You'll always have the time of your life when you're around her, almost like time is standing still. Being with Hannah is an experience like no other. She'll get super embarrassed about the littlest things one moment, and be all over you the next.

Her defining quality is her eyes though. You swear you can see the entire universe in her eyes. They shine like no other, just full to the brim with life, and I'd take that view over anything else in the world.
I-I-I-I-I love y-y-y-you, Hannah Klingbeil. <3
by MclovinMuffins November 30, 2016
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