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A silly light-hearted girl that's always down for an adventure and is never on time for anything. Sweetest person you'll ever meet and friends with everyone but she's honest and blunt like a wooden bat. Great at telling stories and making people laugh but don't cross her or she'll wreck you like rainbow road.
Guy: "So you know Hannah Grace?"
Other guy: "Yo, who doesn't know Hannah Grace?"
by Class_Clown May 13, 2018
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One of those girls that's so pretty you hate her for it. Will steal your man because she can. She's short, sweet and sassy and laughs at literally everything. Total wifey material.
Max: Dude who's that chick?
John: Bro that's Hannahgrace she's the baddest chick around.

Max: Dude, I would hit that if I didn't have Shelly
John: Totally worth it dude.
by Shistershnapped July 31, 2018
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