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(n.) a term used to describe a vagina with longer than normal labia. While adding weights to piercings in the labia will cause a hangy pussy to develop rapidly, fisting done by 2 or more people at one time only creates a big fucking opening. It is believed that if the labia are long enough, a woman can submerge her hangy pussy into the ocean and hundreds of jellyfish will surround it as if the hangy pussy was a queen jellyfish. Hangy pussy causes extreme camel toe. Pumping a hangy pussy for a “fat” look is not recommended.
The boy had been thinking about how his teachers pussy looked so fat when she stood in front of his desk wearing leggings. You can imagine his surprise when he pulled down her panties and saw her hangy pussy unfold.
by Btwitsjennifer June 13, 2018
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