when somone grabs you by the breifs pulls it up putts it veryyyy high on a tree or somthin else.
at the age of 12 i was going home when 8 girls came up (i couldent resit cause there was 8) to me and put my breifs by the fence and took away the stool to get me up and took my close exept tighty wigtys i was left there for maby 4 hours and i couldent get down because when i tried to pull it down i coudent if you got one youd know and later they came back and poured chile suase all over me later they came back with 3 leters of water and forecd me to drink it but not all at once!. 9.PM.. it ripped and i fell on my ass and the rip was down the fece hole i was sitting i needed to rip the waist band i miss my tighty wigtheys :( hanging wedgie.
by jonbn December 10, 2010
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When a jerk/"cool" kid picks you up by your briefs and hangs you onto something such as a bed post, shower head etc.
A true story:
One day I was walking home last year at the age of about 19 (a few days after finishing college) when I managed to piss off a jock who was hanging out with his girlfriend. He chased for a few miles before rugby tackling me to a floor and dragging me to a street corner where we wrestled constantly for severals hours. In the fight, he ripped most of my clothing and I was only lying with a small rag on myself. There, he found a huge nail sticking out of one of the walls where he hung me by my underwear and gave me a hanging wedgie. The next day, he came over with some other friends and they ball tapped me and pissed on me. This happened every day for about 2 weeks. One day, his friends came with him and ball tapped me, pissed on me and ripped off my clothes. Soon, I was near naked. They decided to have a wrestling match between me and the jock to see who would win. I had practically no clothes on other than ripped briefs and some scrags I could call pants. I hadn't even been fed, so I could barely fight. He ended up winning after tackling me, giving me a boogie before stomping on my ballsack. I was crippled and bending over, and this contest continued once every other week for a few months until one day the underwear ripped and I managed to run. That was 4 years ago, and I just finished university last month.
by That_Guy_WHO_ROCKS November 24, 2013
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A hanging wedgie, is a wedgie, where your under wear is up your asscrack and pulled up, it is sore as hell. A hanging wedgie is where your breifs are hung on a lampost, hook, flagpole etc.
True story
I'm a nerd, I'll admit it. I wear tighty whities, A STRONG BLADDER (so I pee when I get scared) have loads of freckles and like science.. last year in high school I was talking to my best freind, who is a nerd too. Then 4 girls tackled us and dragged us to an abandoned room and stripped us to nothing but our breifs. Then 2 girls took my freind somwhere else and I remained in the room where they did casual wedgies, melvins, and texas wedgies. There is a coat hook in there. They hooked me on it and left me there. Then later came back with 7 BIG glasses of water. They said if they didn't drink it they would make the wedgies 10 times worse. And so I did. I needed to piss so bad. I lost it and wet my self silly in the breifs. The girls laughed at me and unhooked me. They then spanked me for 5 minutes and said 'It's flagpole time, nerd', I Was raised on the flagpole then, peeing and pooping, dangling around naked. 2 days later my teacher i have a crush on saw me. My balls and ass hurt bad. Hanging wedgie.
by ElroyThePALADIN November 27, 2013
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When the back of ur underwear is yanked up and hooked on to a high up place like a coat hook.
One time at my house i was watchin tv wen my brother gave me a massive wedgie. It hurt like hell. I was screaming but then he put duct tape over my mouth. He took me into the front yard with the wedgie still in and gave me a hangin wedgie of the tree in our yard. This was wen i still wore tighty whiteys. My tighty whiteys wudnt rip so i hung there for hours at a time. The branch was really high up so my underwear stretched really far. My brother kept feedin me and givin me water so i pissed and crapped myself loads. All the neighbors saw but didnt do anyting. 10 minutes before my mom and dad came home from vacation he let me down. My underwear was so dirty and wet. My bro sed hes gonna do even worse everytime they go away. Since then ive gotten an atomic wedgie for six days, a messy wedgie for three days, another hanging wedgie but this 1 was worse coz it was in our front yard but for three weeks and once he gave me a different wedgie in the same underwear for 2 weeks. One time he made me but a pair of tighty whiteys in the biggest size they had and gave me a hanging wedgie in it.
by sore ass james March 17, 2009
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A variant of wedgie in which the receiver's underwear is attached to a high up place, suspending them helpless in the air.
I once kept this freshman in a hanging wedgie from a tree in my backyard for three days. I kept him fed and watered so he kept peeing himself constantly. When I finally let him go, I took all his clothes except his tighty whities and dumped a bunch of fire ants down the front of his underwear. He ran off screaming like a maniac. Needless to say he never came back to school.
by Rappunk799 June 15, 2014
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A haning wedgie is when a bully pulls up your underwear and putts you on a tree or a coat hanger ETC.
I got a Hanging wedgie buy some girls at school (i am a boy) and put me on the school flag pole and i was left half naked for a 3 days in my breifs teachers seen me and got me down it took 2 hours. it was bad and good at the same time -_-. Hanging wedgie.
by donaqwww November 28, 2010
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When people grab your breifs and hang you with it.
I wanted to hang wedgie myself. i hung it on a tree. and it streted reallllllllyyyy far! and i was stuck. then some girls came and took off my jeans,and shirt and left me with my breifs then came back with toothpast and poord it in the front. then chile sause, then two spiders porred them all in including the back. i was left there for more then one day.... someone found me. it sucked...... hanging wedgie.
by iwasleft...123 January 27, 2011
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