Short for Hanson fiction. Long or short stories written about the band Hanson.

Started in 1997 when Hanson became popular. First couple of years the stories were similar, founded on the authors personal day dreams about the band. The quality of these stories was rather poor. Basic plot: Hanson moves in next door to a girl, Zac/Taylor/Isaac and girl fall inlove.

The quality of these stories has improved greatly over the years, some have even been published as books.

Tulsa 74132, Bed Of Lies, Zac says Tay still wets his bed, Devil/Angel, The Quiet One, Catapult, Beautiful Disaster, Stay are all hanfics.
by Judith Major April 16, 2006
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A fictional story written by Hanson fans(fansons)about the band Hanson!!!!!!!
"Avery" was my FAVE hanfic!!!!
by asdfghjklwere April 11, 2006
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