a dance found in the movie and broadway musical Grease. Don't ask me how to do it.
I could barely walk when I milked a cow, when I was three I pushed a plow, while chopping wood I moved my legs, and I started dancing when I gathered eggs. The whole time laughed, I was only five, I danced and gave birth to the hand jive!
by Gwen Stefani Grrl June 20, 2004
Doing something by hand or with your hands. Example ... a truck is backing up a small trailer into a tight spot but cannot get all the way in so you unhook the trailer and hand jive it the rest of the way into the spot.
Where is the dolly to move the new desk into the back office ? We have four guys here let's just hand jive it, it will be quicker.
by Pvt. Joe Snuffy March 17, 2022
Something a Matthew Amer does with furious vigour when speaking to Lee Latchford-Evans from STEPS. Also applies to John Barrowman and, in certain lights, Mike Read.
Matthew Amer caught up for a chat with Lee over a quick hand jive.
by Tom Bowtell March 19, 2003
This is what Steve's grandmother did when she was tired, and did not want to have sex with her husband. You can almost sleep while doing this. It takes very little energy from the giver. And the receiver leaves you alone for a little while. Also known as, hand job, or jerking off.
by Doyouevenknowwhoiam December 16, 2009
A Virginia Hand Jive is when you're receiving a handjob, but the person giving the handjobs' hand is turned 180 degrees, a backwards handjob.
Dude, I just got a Virginia Hand Jive!
by bombsblast December 1, 2010
While engaged in a children's movie at a theater, a man cuts a hole and inserts his penis into the bottom of a popcorn bag. When his date reaches in for popcorn, s/he recieves a bonified surprise.
"How was your date?"

"It was great until I started eating the popcorn, he surprised me with a Mississippi Hand Jive!"
by booblay July 13, 2008