Jumping over a child’s pink battery powered jeep and landing asshole first on the handle of a standing 5lb sledge asshole first
I was at a bonfire and jumped over a

pink jeep and landing ass first on Thor’s Hammer.
by Gemma5521 April 03, 2021
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Code word for “fix it” *must be pronounced with canadian accent
Jack: Got any plans with the truck this weekend bud?

Paul: Oh ya know bud just gonna throw a hammer at her so i can take her out rompin next weekend. huh bud?
by Dripdroptiptopsnipsnopkipkop October 16, 2019
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Verb: The obnoxious and aggressive thrusting of the pelvis, specifically of the male pelvis; potentially thrusting into an orifice of another person, stump, or other.
To hammer-dick: The man in the apartment unit above mine incessantly hammer-dicks his significant other every Sunday morning at 8:37 am.
by pissedoffbitchesdownstairs March 27, 2018
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The act of being belligerently drunk at a location when someone else arrives and doesn't expect it
Steve surprise hammered us when we arrived at his house for a BBQ.
by FirestormJ September 07, 2019
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It is when you put something large in the girls vagina and hit it with a sludge hammer.
Hey bro tonight Alyssa is gonna get Urban sludge hammered with a cucumber!
by Cock and/or balls $$$$$ October 19, 2016
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1. Penis with a bulbous deformed head that is disproportionately larger than the shaft., 2. Used to describe a loud or obnoxious person. Most effective when preceded with a traditional expletive, (i.e. "You fucking Yam-hammer"), 3. An aggressive consensual sexual act that involves a sound beating and/or pummeling.
1. I'd love to yam-hammer that bitch!

2. Seven is a twisted fucking yam-hammer, and someone should whip his ass.
by Paintmonkey March 13, 2007
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