As overrated as some put it. Some people deem this as the best game ever. Shut up, no it's fucking not. It's OK for a little skirmish or so but that's it, being very good at Halo does not make you hardcore either.
My friend: Zelda and Final Fantasy are shit games. They are soo fucking bad and what do people see in Mario?

Me: Well asshat, what the fuck do you play?

My friend: I play real games like Halo and football games.

Me: ...*stabs him*
by onewhoknows May 05, 2006
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One of the best FPS games EVER. To all that say's it sucks, don't be sad your mom won't buy it for you and you're stuck with Mario.
Too bad I can't get Halo, so let me make fun of it on urbandictionary.com
by Master Chief October 28, 2003
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1. The magical ring above an angel's head. Can be seen in most religious stuff.

2. Military acronym for 'High Altitude, Low Opening'. It consists of Special Forces units jumping from a plane high in the air and not opening the 'chute until they're about 500 feet from the ground. This way, they are not detected by radar.

3. A somewhat overrated (though fun to play) first person shooter for the Microsoft Xbox. Currently, it, Halo 2, and Ninja Gaiden are one of the 10 or 15 games worth note of buying for the Xbox.
1. God has a shiny halo on his head. Mmm..shiny.

2. The..army..guy did a HALO jump into the enemy base.

3. "Hey man, let's get drunk and play Halo!"
by Icecap M. Veiwin November 24, 2004
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The most overrated X-box game ever, paling into comparision to SOCOM 2 (Online/LAN).
Halo isn't all it's cracked up to be.
by Deathcow February 07, 2004
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A very overrated game for a crappy system, n00bs consider it to be the best FPS ever, but these are the people when asked about other shooting games they say "Oh, I don't play any other games!"
Sk8erhalo696969: OMG HALO SI TEH BSET GMAE EVA!!!!!
Stcb: No its not, ever played Half-Life, Its the best.
Sk8erhalo696969: OMG HALF WHAT?
by Stcb May 01, 2005
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Ever since the September 2009 TF2 update, players, who supposedly did not use a 3rd party program to receive random item drops, has gotten a hat representing an angelic halo.

This term, halo, is now used to refer those with halos, fags.
TF2 Player 1: My god, that guy is such a halo.

TF2 Player 2: Halos need not healing.
by MutekiSylence September 04, 2009
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