A glowing ring above someone's head, usually wore by angels. The light it emits is usually yellow or white.
Wait. How did you get a halo?
by Lol Memes ;) August 04, 2020
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Triggered fuckin 10 year olds who their 14 year old brother shot up the school and played Halo
oH FoRtNiTe AnD RoBlOx Is Gay. Shut yo bitch ass up roblox was a stem system jn 1989. The gif is triggered halo kids who use tiktok
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by defenitionslmao September 03, 2020
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Halo is a girl who has sad moments but stands up for her friends

I know it dose not sound like a name but it is I have a friend named halo
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by The dope ninja March 22, 2019
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a futuristic first person shooter set in a time where aliens called the Covenant invade and try to wipe out the human race. But there is one savior, a super-soldier (also called Spartans) named Master-Chief, who is also the protagonist, takes on the covenant with the help of the UNSC (United Nations Space Command) to save humanity and the galaxy from the Covenant. There is also the fun multiplayer mode where you can customize your own Spartan super-soldier and take on other players across the world in fun game types with cool vehicles and ships, amazing weapons, and plenty of game modes to chose from.
guy 1: Hey did hear the the news? a new halo game is coming out!
guy 2: That sounds cool, I'll watch the trailer!
by 1234bobbyyyy August 19, 2015
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