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On internet Lego hosting websites everywhere, "Halo kiddies" are becoming a real issue. Believed to have originated in a Lego forum called "Outside the brick", the term represents any and all members of the online Lego community that focus on building crappy Halo MOCs (My Own Creation).

With a social status equal to that of the "n00bs" and the "H4X0RZ", Halo kiddies are believed to be mostly comprised of children aged 7 to 16. The Halo kiddie "floods" are a demoralizing and spiritually draining phenomenon that cost a website a lot of bandwidth.

Halo kiddies are a real problem today as they have spread from site to site, building numbers and courage. They will eventually cost the hosting sites so much that they may go out of service, thus leaving the Lego Community of AFOL in shambles.

The path of destruction has lead from to and soon, we fear that the issue may even spread through
"New member?...SpArTaN 98600?"

"Shit, it's just another Halo Kiddie!"
by Killernoob February 12, 2008
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