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A series of unsightly abrasions to the hands and wrists as a result of frequent contact with a hard surface such as a wall or floor. Commonly found in people with short tempers or Halo 3.
Bob: "Dammit dude I died again!!" (smashes ground)

Jimmy: "You should really learn to control your temper: your hand's lookin pretty bad"

Bob: "Yup, the doc says I got halo hands and theres no known cure... Now shut the fuck up and let me play!" (dies again)

Bob: (Towards tv monitor) "You fucking faggot, I was arguing with this deuche sitting next to me!!!"(pounds tv monitor)CRUNCH!!!!....

Bob: Oh fuck, I broke the tv. I've really gotta get some help for this."
by MR. AWESOME!!! March 17, 2008
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The extreme stiffnes resulting from a full day playing halo/halo2/halo3. Results hands which appear claw like
damn i was playing all yesterday man. ive got the fucking halo hands
by hahaha243 October 26, 2007
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