(i.e. half asian hald caucasian) also called hapa
by Amyjoy Clark November 28, 2003
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A half ounce of marijuana 14 Grams.
Take that pound and break it into halfies and we alright.
by Jewish Drunkard January 18, 2006
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When a kind of weird older white man has children with a woman from East Asia (who probably in bed stated to him many times "me love you long time"). The product of this is known as a halfie.
They often think far too much of themselves as a way of shielding themselves from the pain of their parents divorce (which is almost a certainty in a halfie's situation)
We all know what a halfie really is
by juliemaxtor123 November 26, 2010
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''rents'' with 2 diff backgrounds
Me anD aLeX cHaN!!! Go Us! fWeNdS4EvA p.p im bored!
by LoReLeE August 25, 2004
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When a white girl takes a selfie with only a half of her face
Damn... Tumblr girls have been addicted to halfies lately
by fivesome April 20, 2015
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I see you put the ciggarrette out can I have the halfie.
I think I have a halfie in my pack.
FUCK all i got is a halfie left.
by justtochill October 26, 2005
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a joint rolled containing half tobacco and half marijuana.
hey man, that halfie we rolled last night got me high AND helped my nicotine fix!
by CuntRolVibeRage February 26, 2013
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