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Poontang the way Mother Nature intended - totally natural and unshaven :D My girlfriend is a nice pretty young lady who's also completely unshaven, and allows me to pleasure her in ways only someone who likes hairy snizz can. Anyone who doesn't like hairy coochie is probably gayer than a rainbow banner at a gay pride parade.

Contrary to what I've seen many people write, a girl's pubic hair does not, I REPEAT, DOES NOT get stuck in your teeth if you went down on her. Anyone who is stupid or fucked up enough to believe that doesn't deserve to get any, fuckin' homos...
My girlfriend always lets me go down on her, and I am much obliged to eat out her sweet, naturally hairy pussy - mmm, yummy
by Robert F. Black September 26, 2007
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Condition reminding you to go buy her new razors.
Damn, bitch! You see these hairs in my mouth! Why dont you shave that hairy pussy more often!
by Anonymous February 11, 2003
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