Usually referring to a male, an exaggerated, full and bushy or tangly hairstyle.
In the movie PLATOON, when Charlie Sheen had his helmet off, his do was a high hairpie.
by William Dean A. Garner April 08, 2011
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a confectionary; dining (licking and tonguing) of the female sex organ
Tyrone decided on dessert after having sex with Takeshia. He ate Takeshia's hair pie
by Richard Black March 10, 2005
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Common slang used by many, referring to the female organ, the Vagina, or as I like the call it, the Pussy. Also it is usually hairy.
"Oh my god I got like, three hair pies last night dude!"
by John Stucko March 31, 2003
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1.) a hot chick. When you are with your friends and you see a hot chick, you say, yell, whisper (whatever the situation) 'hairpie' to get your friends attention. They will then give their approval or disapproval of your observation with a nay or yay.
Two dudes walking in the store...........

Dude #1: What did you do last night?

Dude #2: I cranked it to some new skeeze. Pretty good stuff. Hey have you ever,(hot chick walks by, dude stops in mid-conversation), Hairpie!

Dude #1: Definitely a Hairpie.
by dudemann April 25, 2006
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