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person 1: What's hair porn?

person 2: Stana Katic's hair

person 1: Who?

person 2: Detective Kate Beckett from Castle

person 1: Ohhhhh okay!
by naughtsfan September 05, 2011
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It's the definition of Stana Katic's hair. Everytime you look at her hair,it seems you're watching some steamy movie. If you don't have any idea of what I'm talking about,just go watch Castle. And look at her hair. You WILL understand the meaning of hairporn.
Look at Stana's her! It's so perfect!" "Yeah,pure hairporn!
by Hopelessaddicted August 01, 2011
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when someone's hair is so sexy, that just looking at it, makes you feel like you're watching some hot, steamy film. (or makes you wish you were in a hot, steamy film with that person...and their hair)
-hey, have you seen those pictures of rob pattinson's hair on the internet?
-yea!! can you say HAIR PORN!?!?"
by Jazmania November 04, 2008
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n. Hair that is very attractive looking, especially on a certain person who is attractive. It is usually determined by the hairstyle and how messy it is.
"Look at that picture of David Tennant! Talk about hair porn!"
by WhovianGirl August 16, 2011
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Pictures of extensions, weaves, wigs, hairstyles, hair color etc. for the purpose of imagining what one's hair would look like in the pictured fashion and feeding one's addiction of making online purchases of hair and hair products. Predominately found in the African American female community, but spreading quickly through white girls as well. The crash of the economy has caused white females to not be able to get the extensions done for 1k dollars anymore, so they have turned to hair porn to diy.
Youtube User "MySewinWeavesAretheBomb" just sent me hair porn linking to some deeply discounted Virgin Indian Remi hair in wefts, i-tips and u-tips, shipped from overseas. I have got to buy it all now and glue it on to my head. I want to be a mermaid. A beautiful black mermaid.
by Tinkershells July 17, 2011
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Beautiful, enticing images of hair that are so alluring they become addictive.

Hair that is so good that it must be 'bad'.
My wife/husband caught me browsing through PYXIE in the middle of the night, again, and I had to admit - I'm addicted to hair porn.

Whenever my hair needs a little inspiration, I treat myself to some hair porn and the ideas start flowing.
by wikiwordsmith August 01, 2014
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