Exclamatory noun. Expressing contempt and despair at someone's joke made at the expense of yourself.
John: Hey Ramesh, you calm Hindu cow!!

Ramesh: ha-ha
by TheUltimateThe May 22, 2012
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when someone laughs at how dumb u are to search the definition of haha
*Person laughs by saying haha* Friend says *what?* Other Friend says *kill me*
by my n word March 14, 2017
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HAHA is an acronym for a Home Appliance Hook-up Accessory. This would be a cord for a dryer or a water line for a refrigerator that is used while delivering and installing appliances in residential homes.

This is credited to KIM, the mage of home delivery.
Don't forget to take the HAHA when you deliver the new appliance.
via giphy
by Home Delivery Relic July 26, 2018
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