1. absolutely perfect response for one that does that pay attention.

Key Points:
- wow - fake show of amazement, one method to improve friendship
- haha - fake laughter, further improving friendship

*together they make a deadly combo

2. a response that occurs when one does not know how to respond
- Sally: Like yesterday I was liek washing the dishes and I saw a cockroach! Like OMG! It was sooo funni!
- Bobby: haha wow


- Sally: (thinking ummm...) haha wow
by Oh la la! April 7, 2010
"haha yeah" is used when one person cant think of a decent way to respond a text message or just doesn't care about talking to the original texter.
haha yeah
by johneyamerica June 1, 2010
Similar to a lol abuser, a haha abuser is one who destroys the meaning of haha by using it every sentence to the point of making the conversation a joke.

If "lol" is crack, "haha" is heroine.
friend: my girlfriend just broke up with me :(
haha abuser: haha why?

haha abuser: haha sup?
friend: why do you laugh at me before the conversation has even started
haha abuser: i cant stop haha

haha abuser1: haha
haha abuser2: haha
haha abuser1: haha
haha abuser2: haha
*haha abuser1 dies from exhaustion*
haha abuser2: haha
by supulton November 14, 2008
Typically used to declare your admiration for a meme, but can be used for civilian purposes
Enlightened use: You behold a glorious meme, sweet succour for your eyes, "haha yes" you comment
by GoldbergSheckleschlomo July 27, 2017
When a person, usually an adolescent female girl, writes haha before, in the middle, and after every statement made online regardless of whether or not its comical. Can also be substituted with LOL, and LMAO.
Person 1: Yo
Person 2: Haha, hey whatsup? Last night was so much fun hahaha. Your friends are pretty cool hahah.
Person 1: Yeah...Why are you saying haha?
Person 2: Idkkkk. Haha
Person 1: You need to shut up. You have haha syndrome.
by richiesgs June 13, 2009
A synonym for oral sex. Originated 2005 in the movie -Me and You and Everyone We Know.-
I'm going to give you a jimmy haha. Don't you want a warm, wet jimmy haha?
by Steevzie September 29, 2006
The uncontrollable laughter reached at the late hours of the night where everything seems funny.
It's 3 a.m. and Claire finds everything amusing because she has the sleepy hahas.
by Sleepyhahas February 10, 2011