Originated in 1805 at the Battle of Trafalgar. Admiral Lord Nelson, only minutes away from trashing Napoleon's grand fleet, managed to get himself shot. As he lay dying, he tried to whisper something to his buddy Hardy. But since he was dying all he could say was Ha...Ha...
Lord Nelson: Liek, OMG I got shot! Ha-Ha!
Hardy: OMG he almost arksed me to kiss him.
Bystanders: OMG OMG!!!
Hardy: HA-HA!
by crow1670 February 04, 2009
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Definition 1:
Haha - used to express laughter anywhere you can't say it, for example IM, instant messaging or via email.

The minor difference between haha and hehe is that haha is often used when laughing at someone, while hehe is used while laughing with someone. It might be unconcious to most people, but it's true.

Definition 2:
Ha-ha - when haha is pronounced like 'Ha-ha', it often expresses that one do not find something humourous; ironic.

I also found some pretty random ancronyms for haha online:

Having A Heart Attack
Houston Area Hound Association (Texas)
Human-Anti-Humanized Antibodies (immunogenicity testing assay)
Example 1 (haha): You don't know who Shakespeare was? Haha!
Example 2 (ha-ha): Ha-ha, how funny!
Example 3 (hehe): Hehe, you're so funny!
by Ronny Løkken October 21, 2006
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Something one says when one finds something funny.
"Haha" She said, after I told her a joke.
by Greeeen Frog August 06, 2012
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A) Another way of displaying humour
B) A mocking term used in multiplayer games when a player has done something amusing.
A) "haha that was funny"
B) *Player has killed self with a grenade*
Player: oops..
Player(1): haha
by future X March 22, 2003
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It's a ditch, next to a small wall, used to keep livestock in.
I returned my sheep to their haha.
by sarah January 26, 2005
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Web slang for laughing at a joke or comment someone posted. Not to be confused with the negative definitions posted by old web useers that find no fun in PC usage anymore and want to bring others with them, but seem to be unable to TURN THIER PC OFF.
Its haha, not ha ha. ha ha is completely different.ha ha lets ppl know you dont find it funny.
A: And when they made the patch, he was able to get on a roof in the game and cast blizzard into a group when they werent looking.
B: ha ha($%#$% is not funny)
C: haha thats funny.
D: haha that is funny.
E: bet they were lookin around for an enemy.
by Realmj December 10, 2006
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