a sexy black male who gets pussy without trying also loved by everyone and respected
"ayo is that haha from hangout"

"holy shit is haha"
by timeworks July 30, 2021
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some sexy black guy who regularly gets bitches an amazing human being overall
by timeworks July 30, 2021
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Jackavocado you are a small Pp and you need to go make breakfast or I will pound you face like butter on toast you pathetic little door knob
by BomberoWorshipper34 October 29, 2020
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Instead of laughing at an unfunny joke say "haha funny" to show haw unfunny that joke is.
Bob told me an unfunny joke I responded to the by saying "haha funny."
by Nacho Dad69 March 25, 2021
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1.People usually use these words when they don’t know how to respond to a joke over text.
2. People who say this are practically asking to be punched in the face.
( over text )
Person 1: “ Wanna hear a joke? “
Person 2: “sure.”
Person 1: “ A man walks into a bar.. “ Ouch. “”
Person 2: “ Haha funny. “
( person 2 proceeds to smash their head into a wall out of pure awkwardness. )
by T3A6520 December 30, 2021
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