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Deriving from ‘have to’, or ‘have+{infinitive}’ broken down into ‘have+to+{verb}’ but minus the verb, ‘hafta’ works as a verb-modifying adverb taking the place of the modal-auxilary ‘must’ which means literally ‘to be required to __’. In colloquial speech (as opposed to ‘formal speech’ under which you would not use this word{hafta}}, it means simply to have a strong desire towards, or want for, doing {something}, with the ‘something’ usually seen through the eyes of the speaker as a *necessity* (even if in actuality it is no more than icing on the cake).

Synonyms: haveto, have to, must, ’ve to, oughtta{ought to}, wanna\wanta{want to}, gotta{got to}

See also: musta\must’ve(must have..not nonsensical ‘must of’), shoulda\should’ve{should have..not nonsensical ‘should of’}, ta\tta, -ta\-tta, t‘be
spoiled teen: I just *hafta* have it!!

"I hafta go now.. Talk t‘ya later."
by Victor Van Styn August 12, 2005
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being obligated to preform a given task
a verb, meaning "have to"
Did you hafta go and boink her before dinner?
Now you havta take a shower.
by Kimmie H October 19, 2006
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Deriving from the phrase ‘have to’(which is have+infinitive, broken-down into have+to+{verb}, but minus the verb), ‘hafta’ usually functions as a verb-modifying adverb replacing the modal-auxiliary ‘must’, ‘required to ___’; used to show a strong desire toward, or want for, doing something.

See also: gotsta, wanna, oughtta, tta\-tta
spoiled teen: “I just *hafta* have it!!”
by Victor Van Styn August 09, 2005
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Anyone, especially a senior citizen, handicapped person, or person with a child or children, that you "hafta" leave a seat on the bus, train, or plane.
It's the weekend, and you know what that means: the bus schedules are all FUAU and every hafta and his dog is getting on the bus to go shopping!
by pentozali November 29, 2006
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