the only true city in TX
"D-town" & the "Alamo City" don't have shit on H-town. Respect is shown to the H-town from the dirty.
by Haterzerasingmyshits November 2, 2003
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the largest city in texas, and the funkiest city in all the land.
you hate texas? thats mainly cause you live in dallas with those faggots, and bitches, I feel sorry for you. get your ass down to the texas coast or anywhere outside dallas or collin county
by milkshake January 21, 2005
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A slang abbreviation of the fattest city in America, Houston.
Dan- Hey, so I decided to go to h town tomorrow.
Oprah- Oh, really?
Dan - Yeah! Im gonna have a great time in the fattest city in America!
by kevlarorc January 23, 2007
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Slang for Hemet, CA, which is home to elderly people, child molesters, and a Wal-Mart.
"Hey Carlos, did you here that Beth's kid was molested in H Town? Yup, by an elderly man inside the Wal-Mart restroom of all places!"
by Necro Nancy December 26, 2006
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c wizz scit diddy n fat e stay'n down in h town
by dumptruck68 April 2, 2008
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