A huge line of Cocaine, usually just done all at once
Shit, did you see wade do that massive gunner, the kids going to trip balls.
by getemforLO January 08, 2009
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A wonderful, cute, sweet, and caring guy. That is loved by many people.. Often short with chubby cheeks.
Who's Gunner
That amazing person
by Nenkapoop. January 23, 2011
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(a) gunner is a person, thats a illa skate boarder, awesome boyfriend, and a gunner is super hottt..usually nice and laid back.
(a) gunner likes to have a good time..and party..gunner(s) usually have really great girlfriends..
Man-Hey look at that gunner!
girl2-Yeah hes mine..sorry
Man-I wish i was like gunner:
Girl2-in yo dreams bizaatttchh
by Lovuhhh May 18, 2008
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A durogatory term aimed at white people who imitate 50 cent or the rest of g-unit. A specific branch of wigger, derived as such: G-Unit -> Gunnit -> Gunner.
See that wigger over there? What a gunner.
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1. A shot in basketball that goes in without touching anything but net or, if someone shoots it from very far and it goes in.

2. Someones ability to shoot.
1. (person shoots) (Swish) OMG Gunner!

2. Yo, that kid has a gunner.
by Bob The Explorer May 07, 2006
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person on gr who has changed his name many times. he plays ghost recon demo and often disses bmr. he also has lots of enemies, and thinks hes ultimatley better then bmr berri.
HEY its the doosh bag(comment from felxo with the holy grail)
gunner whats up.
gunner wanna play ghrd
gunner your funny
by Looney June 02, 2004
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A male inmate in a correctional facility, that masturbates while staring at a female guard. The inmate fantasizes that he is having intercourse with the guard, while choking the chicken. This is called "gunning". Inmates in youthful offender facilities are called "young gunners". They are said to be quick on the draw and not afraid to gun down a C. O.
Man I walked by the shitter, and it was full of young gunners gunning down the cafeteria lady. All I heard was booyaka booyaka!!
by Dj splackdaddy September 27, 2020
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