Really insanely enthusiastic about a task, sport, hobby etc.
I like my work but I'm not too gung ho about putting in all that overtime. Eight hours a day is enough. After that my brain is toast.
by Edword July 31, 2006
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also mandarin g0nghé

derived from an asian word.

Orgin:Soldier Slang 1940's

to be gungho. meaning to be so psyched out for war. a mentality,thinking you are bullet-proof. your so hyped up and pumped so much. you can't wait to rush in and attack with your fellow soldiers.
"Man.. I was so gungho I ran home telling my mom that I was going to war in Nam like it was a vacation".
by LEC2 May 8, 2003
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to be really excited about something. to really want to do something.
My mom was gung ho about getting the house cleaned up because of the guests.
by Jason October 6, 2003
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A person who works very hard, efficient, and fast at a task or job.
Whenever I hire my neighbor's son to work in my yard he is really gung ho.
by Healthy Guy January 12, 2008
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someone who is very assertive about getting something done
Sam was gung ho about getting those packages on the truck before his shift was over.
by Gerard Irick July 23, 2009
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1. A prostitute who services a whole gang, or "gung", as the term is pronounced in Jamaican English

2. Any eager individual (see other definitions on this page for etymology)

3. "Gung gung ho" is an emphatic variant of definitions (1) and (2) in their respective senses
1. galang na an git I-n-I a gung ho

2. peter wa gung ho abot teh hol ting

3. me gwaan git me a gung gung ho dis time
by PRINCE KILOTON January 25, 2006
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Translated from Indonesian: Working together; Some one with brass balls but no brain; Doing something one would not consider wise, yet requering alota guts.
Marines busted into the enemy base gung-ho, guns blazing.
by den March 27, 2003
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