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Related to, but not the same as gum-dog millionaire, or gum-dog billionaire.

Gum-dog trillionaire is some next shit.

Neither noun, n'or adjective, gum-dog trillionaire is a form of slang originating from the depths of the Oakville sub-urbs. More specifically, it refers to a sexual act, typically involving just two individuals, one more prone to being quite old in age.

To 'Go Gum-Dog Trillionaire', in essence, means to removes one's fake teeth, and go full-buck in a deep throat gaggle fest upon another male's apendage. Slob, bob, n' gob; the fully monty, the whole 9 yards - you name it - can occur here, so long as the main requirement is always met: no teeth.
Guy 1: Yo man you wont believe what happened to me last night.

Guy 2: Whoh hoppun?

Guy 1: I met the hottest chick at the bar, and I took her home for some techno and butt sex, next thing i knew she was walkin into the room with a glass of water in her hand.. and then she did it...I couldn't believe it.

Guy 2: Whawh?

Guy 1: She pulled her teeth out and put them in the fuckin jar!! I went limp immediately..

Guy 2: Oh mahn dah suhhk

Guy 1: Yeah but then she gave me the best blow job ever.. total gum-dog trillionaire..

Guy 2: ??
by db hurt n' squirt strikes agai December 20, 2010
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