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It's a definition on the urban dictionary! congratulations, you're so bored TAEWRIHEWVM #$#WEV { #$G(VHnV #%$Tnfv43FN$# #YOLOSWAG2K13IAMRETARDEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD sorry got that bored or you're just so retarded you typed this into your computer when you aren't bored. which one is it? also, why does google's search result say help I accidentally built a shelf, why are there school, help I just sharted, and other retarded things? $TJ 3n4r3 efF #$efdv"P#$refD4354refdV 34ev 34 OT%$egv e4r
guess what the hell this is? AN EXAMPLE YOU FUCKING RETARD!!!
by Not Aaron Krause October 29, 2013
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