Genre of music.
"Psuedo crappy music made by people in adverse weather condtion." The people of a grunge band are required to wear flannel, have long hair, scrappy beards, and the lead singer cannot make sense when he sings. The era of grunge went from 1992-1994. During the era many things from Seattle, the origin of grunge, had started to bloom all over. The era ended when Seattle was not the only city to have a Starbucks ever 1/3 of a mile.
Nirvana is the supreme band of grunge rock.
by Phd12741 August 29, 2004
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1. basically crap
2. basically crappy music listened to by liberal jerkholes all about "ooooooh my life is so depressing....its all about me .....im such a cockyassed bitch who only cares about myself......cry" They pride themselves in saying that they brought an end to hair metal but hey they didnt. Hair Metal's downfall was for the most part internal. They kinda killed themselves see my definition for hair metal
Grunge kid: Life sucks so im going to listen to my depressing music
METAL HEALTH!: you jerk its all about you isnt it you pussyassed bitch stop whining about your goddamn life al the time
by METAL HEALTH! September 06, 2005
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To me, the definition of grunge is someone who just cant afford to buy those preppy clothes that everyone wears, and they wanna stick out a little bit. It's also for people who dont really care what they look like. Like not taking showers, wearing what ever's on your floor, and going to school with bed head. haha. You may interpret it differently, but thats just how i see it in my head.
A good example of grunge is Kurt Cobain. He never really cared what he looked like or what other people thought he looked like. Plus he never really could afford the clothes that other people wore. He grew up around not having to much money.
by Casey Dopp October 23, 2006
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Depressing, loud, self-important syle of rock music and dress emerging from the depressing, loud, self-important Seattle scene of the late 1980s. Dominant from the release of Nirvana's Nevermind in 1991 until the suicide of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain in 1994. Grunge musicians and fans seemed deeply opposed to fun, which had long attracted players and listeners to rock music. Grunge bands sounded like Goth music played by a heavy metal band stoned on Robitussin, and they stole their clothes from street junkies, many of whom were actually in Grunge bands and later died of heroin overdoses. Much of Grunge was falsely blamed on the miserable but brilliant Kurt Cobain, who thus became so depressed that he found it necessary to suck on the barrel of a shotgun. No one who had ever listened to Seattle music was surprised in the least.
Steve formed a Grunge band because he had a huge guitar amp and the fashion sense of a hobo.

When I got a job, I returned all my Grunge clothes to the Salvation Army dumpster.

I have just listened to several hours of Grunge and am trying to decide whether to hurl myself off a skyscraper, shoot myself in the head, or overdose on heroin.
by Scorite June 15, 2006
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nirvana: kurt cobain, david grohl and krist novoselic
by WOO July 27, 2004
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A genre of music that was a watered down version of punk rock. Due to radio and MTV this is what was pushed in the early 1990's to be the music of a new generation. It is characterised mostly by its lack of talent and whiny lyrics. The fashion that it inspired basically turned all kids in the 90's into Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Mid length dirty hair and flannel, at least it was easy. In the words of Andrew Dice Clay's character Ford Fairlane, "You're raping rock and killing roll!". That about sums it up. A few words to describe Grunge would be repetitve, somber, whiny, unmusical, lame, sad, boring and garbage. The main culprit in the Grunge Movement, aka Bowel Movement, would be Nirvana.
Grunge music is helpful if you need inspiration to puke something up. Grunge, the next elevator music. I just dropped some grunge in the toilet.
by TheDudeRules December 06, 2011
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sum really kool music wich broke the dancefloor in 1989 and has at least some influence on some rock band today grunge was a kind of metal with punk vocals so it is a mix beetwen the offsping and slayer really so you cant like grunge wihtout liking metal and punk.
fake grunger. look at me im wearing me nirvana hoodie.
real grunge fan. hi mate check out me nirvan hoodie my metallica wristbands and my chucks.
by metal head grunge pants September 26, 2006
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